mandag 13. mai 2019

Your superfoods

Have you heard about the company-Your superfoods ? It´s a company in Berlin,Germany.The founders is a sweet young couple.
The products they sell is superfood powders who is organic,non gmo,gluten free,vegan and there is no additives such as sugar etc....Just clean delicious powders.And yes,you can read what country each of the powders comes from.

The first product I ordered was the starter pack,because I was not sure of the taste of all of them.The small packages comes in 5g to 15g,so it´s not much in them.But it is nice to be able to try out the flavors.
The skinny protein powder is so delicious with some coconut milk.In the blender,and it tastes a little like milkshake(the shakes with ice cream)Not so sweet,and so much healthier.And the muscle power is perfect to make a dip to the potato chips with some pepper.I think this powders is the most tasty I have ever had.
Of course you can make your own,just mix some powders together and maybe it will be a delish taste.
Take for example some of the powders in here in the cabinet 😂 and mix?

I just love the your superfoods powders.So that´s it!

My favorites is Skinny protein and Muscle power.
I got my Muscle power box today,and isn´t it just cute.

I love the packaging,yes,all of it.The powder box itself and the box it comes in.
In fact I love it so much,that I have the box on the kitchen counter.

And there will be more,next time it is the Skinny protein.

In the package it was a little book with some recipes to all of the flavors.That was a nice surprise.

So take care,eat healthy and stay healthy ♥

lørdag 3. november 2018

Diamond painting finished

So,I am finish "painting" my little angel girl.Isn´t she just adorable.I was so pleased when I got it in the frame,that I had my little happy dance :) Yes,so pleased that I had to start the other one to yesterday(angel girl,chasing a heart)Have to say that I have got some shoulder pain,but that´s how it is....

The longer you stand away from the picture,the clearer it becomes.
You can se here how unclear it is when I stand right to it.

My little angel girl and owl ♥

Closer to 14000 tiny drills in this painting who sparkles so beautiful.

Have a nice weekend ♥

onsdag 31. oktober 2018

Diamond painting

Have you ever heard about diamond painting? Some photos of diamond painting was advertised on my facebook side not long ago.I thought it looked so fun to make such pictures.So I was on you tube to get some ideas.And then I had to order of course.Because,yes,it looked so much fun.

The first diamond painting I ordered was a Christmas painting,but have not received it yet. But I have got two paintings of a adorable angel girls(sorry for the small pictures):

They are just 30 by 30 cm,so I don´t know if they will be to pixelated.
I got them yesterday,and I started to "paint" the one yesterday.And uhaaaa,this is not good for the neck and shoulders.So I have to have many breaks.Have ordered an adjustable laptop desk,so I hope that will help.

The store I bought it from was Matreshka diylove store from Aliexpress.And I am very pleased with the items.The canvas was wrapped around an styrofoam,so it was smooth without wrinkles.They also had counts the drill packets,and it is lots of them left.

I will get back and leave pictures when I am finish with the first painting.(Think I am a bit hooked:) 

Have a fun and creative day ♥

torsdag 26. juli 2018

Chocolate balls

This chocolate balls are so delicious.And they are easy and fast to make.I think they tastes like truffles,and are "melt in the mouth" kind of deliciousness.

I use Raw organic Carob powder and Raw organic Cacao powder in the mix.If you don´t have the Carob,just use the Cacao.Carob is more sweet in taste,not so bitter as Cacao.I tried to use only the Carob powder in the mix,but I find it to sweet.So mix them half and half together works great.

I used my Ninja to blend the mix smooth.The Ninja blender I have had it for about two years,and I love it.I use it for smoothies,salads....There is three different jars to use,so it is my favorite blender so far.I have the Vitamix also.Got it just a couple of weeks ago,so have not used it that much.So can not say how much a like it yet.

Store the chocolate balls in glass jars and keep them in the fridge.

So to the recipe: Approx 8 balls

7 Medjool dates,pitted
2 Tbsp Carob powder
2 Tbsp Cacao powder
2 Tbsp Coconut oil (room temperature)
2 Tsp Vanilla extract
1 Tbsp Water

Have all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth.
Roll into balls and dip them in Carob powder or Coconut flakes or both....

Have a beautiful day ♥

mandag 23. april 2018

Hand painted ceramic animal necklace and earrings

Again,"long time no see" The days flies away.It is difficult to manage "everything" every day or often. The people who manage it,must be Superwoman or Superman.Maybe they have some magic vitamins or something.I don´t know....

But here is something that I know for sure,and that is:I am in love with these ceramic animals!I have got some adorable hand painted ceramic animals necklace and earrings in my shop.

I begin with this Toad.This Toad is so realistic and adorable.

And this Deer,so adorable.
And this Elephant,so beautiful.

This Sloth,oh my so adorable.

Chickadee,so beautiful.

Pug,so incredible adorable.

Bulldog,what a cutie.

I have one for myself too :) This cute little prince frog.

He is so adorable,don´t you think?

I have a cotton rope on mine.And do you know why? Belive it or not,I am hyper allergic to metal,including pure gold.A jewelry maker who is allergic to all metal,it is a little funny (and a tiny bit strange)

You can hang a charm on it,for example on the side of the rope.So that is very nice.

I will get this alternative in my shop too,soon.I think it is many people out there,who are sensitive to metal.

And here is some beautiful ceramic earrings:

There is plenty more of these beautiful ceramic animals in my Etsy shop: ALMrozarka.

Have a lovely day ♥

søndag 17. desember 2017

Shrink plastic "jumping jack" Leprechaun

I think this little guy is so fun.A "jumping jack doll"Leprechaun.

And here as a earring.

I just printed out the image and then laid the shrink paper over it and draw.It can be a bit difficult to know how to use the right ink,markers this and that paper sheets.Some of them "bleed" and some of them smear.

So,some time I can be a tiny frustrated.I have to try and try over and over again to make it right.And the shrink paper is not that cheap.
I know that Sharpie markers,StazOn ink and color pensilc are the best to use,but I want to color layering the images.

Like this:

 I have found a way to color them.It`s not a perfect solution,but it will do.

And I had to have a Santa gnome.It`s just one week unto Christmas.Holy,the time goes so fast.

Have a wonderful Christmas time ♥

torsdag 7. desember 2017

Butterfly plastic necklace

This butterfly are made of shrink plastic.It always get more darker when it`s finish in the oven.I get it lighter on my computer before I print it out.But it will not get the "real" color no matter what...

I think the butterfly is still beautiful.

Here is another one:

It was a bit tricky to make them,because the images was so big before they shrunk.They stuck together (I made them one at the time)so I had to try to separate them in the oven.It was hot on my fingers :)

They are listed in my Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful advent time ♥